Credit CommitStrip

Useful things


A simple UserScript that adds a ‘trello’ link to meta.* StackExchange posts to allow the user to rapidly create a trello card from the post. The purpose of this is to make SE sites even more useful as a bug-tracking / community management tool.For a brief screencast, see:

Substantial contributions to other projects


I contributed quite a lot to a demo application (called simple-blog) demonstrating how to use the Weblocks framework. I also made some screencasts about Weblocks and Lisp programming in an Emacs environment. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find where I hosted these, and the blog where I originally wrote about them is long gone.



Common Lisp implementation of REST API

Golang SDK for Trello API



This is what I could find from an older project that I did trying to build my own operating system (mostly a kernel) with the intent of building cluster machines. The ideas I was working on were related to stuff I had been thinking about and working on during my thesis research as well as the products I worked on at L-3. I completed quite a bit more than what is available on GitHub, but sadly this is all I could find.


A backend RPC server for use with the Qooxdoo js framework (which I think is now defunct).