introducing salty politics

April 6, 2016

I’d like to call some attention to another blogging project I am trying to take on. I call it Salty Politics. I’ve pushed the publish button on the first post there, called Salty Politics: An Introcution. Writing about politics is tricky enough on its own - but writing about them and trying to do it from a Christian perspective is doubly hard. The older generations used to have sayings along the lines of “never discuss politics or religion in polite company”, and there is wisdom in that. It’s hard to do without upsetting people from one or both angles.

Those of you who know me much at all know my political leanings to one degree or another, but the idea here is not to throw up yet another partisan blog. The idea is to publicly reason about how faith in Christ should drive the political activity of Christians and offer commentary about political events and personalities from that perspective. It is my earnest hope to someday have collaborators who have different political views that my own - but I gotta start somewhere.

Credit cover photo Alessandro Valli